Thursday, 7 March 2013

Buzzy Bees with Elvis in the gardens

The Elvis in the gardens concert at Manukau gardens in February had the buzzy bees exposed to the public once again. Following their hugely successful outing to the local plunket at Sunnynook, the bees were entertaining under 5 year olds and those a little bit older to a leisurely bee ride as the Elvis tones drifted over in the background.
The day was fun packed with four bouncy castles and the ever popular face painting. As you can see, many of the youngsters had their faces done up on the busy buzzy bees. They really are classic kiwiana as several adults wished to be photographed atop the bees as well.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Panmure Santa Parade a big hit

02/12/2012 20:46The Panmure Santa Parade with fine weather was a fantastic day for kids and parents to sample the Buzzy Bees melodic tunes and gentle hovering motion bringing back fond memories of childhood toys. The Panmure Business Association kindly hosted a large venue for familys to be entertained for free after the main parade. This is becoming a big hit with the local residents though many were surprised to find out that it was all free (Or no money as some found it easier to comprehend).  The Buzzy Bees were a star hit for the 5 and 6 year olds and younger kids also loved the gentle ride.  Unfortunately, the task of manning the bees means that very few photos were actually taken of kiddies having fun. However, there will be many family photos out in Panmure taken by parents of children riding on their first Buzzy Bee.

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